Schools should not look at SAT scores


Devan Lienhart, Opinion Writer

Scholastic Aptitude Tests, or better known as the SAT, is a test that accesses the student’s academic skills and is used for admission to US colleges. SAT scores help colleges interpret student’s overall academic performance in relation to the national applicant pool. Schools should not look at SAT scores or have it determine whether the student should be accepted or not.

“SAT scores focus on very specific sets of skills- math, verbal, and writing. But they do not account for a student’s ability to think critically. Nor does the SAT demonstrate anything of their creativity. In fact, 700 schools currently do not even require reporting SAT scores,” says

SAT scores don’t show a person’s ability to think critically or creatively. These tests only show what you know not what you can do and how you think. A very small amount of schools do not think it is important to look at SAT scores and have these scores show if you can get into that college.

The scores on these tests should not affect the chances of getting into a certain school. Only 43% of students have passed the SAT in the past years. That is a very low percent which means the other 57% are not able to get into most colleges cause of not passing the test, which is not fair to them at all. Because of this schools should not look at SAT scores and have these scores indicate if they can attend that certain college.