Struggles of Having a Player Off the Field


Kiaralis Santiago, Sports writer

I’ve interviewed Anthony Cirrilo (‘20) to see what got him into soccer and how he feels about his injury and how it impacted him from playing soccer for Fivay high school.

“I got into soccer because when I was younger I played a bunch of sports but soccer was my favorite, I felt that it was the best fit for me so I stuck with it and decided to try to play for Fivay high school.”

Anthony made the team but never knew that playing his favorite sport would cause him an injury nor such pain.

“I got injured in school during sports officiating playing soccer on a wet field, i made a cut and slipped and my knee popped and i could not bend it at all, I knew this was gonna affect me a lot,” Cirrilo said.

This injury affected Cirrilo quite much especially since he loves the sport very much and liked playing with his team.

“I feel this made a big impact on the team because they were missing one of their core players which is an important position but I did hope it didn’t affect the team as much, it was also a big impact because I enjoy this sport and I had to take a long break from playing it because of my injury.”

Knowing that Anthony has been injured I wanted to interview a player from his team and see how he feels this impacted their team.

“it was a very big impact for the team, he was a key player for us and I feel like our season could’ve been way more positive and better with him in our defense,” Hudson Cougal (‘20) said.

The team needs to stay strong, be healthy and put in the work to better yourself and always play your hardest because you never know who’s watching.