JROTC Soars to Success

MK Gibson, News Writer

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AMI is an Annual Military Inspection where all the ROTC cadets wear their uniform. A guy would come in and check their knowledge and look at their uniform, to make sure everything is how it’s supposed to be. After they inspect you they grade it with a 10 or 10+. If you get a 10+ you would receive a medal for it.

“I think our AMI went good, not only did the parade look sharp but a good majority of our cadets got a 10+ on inspection. Which means their uniform was perfect and they got all of their knowledge questions correct,” Audrey Lehto-Chew (‘22) said.

The parade looked really good, the cadets that got medals looked sharp and had their uniforms on point. The more you practice the knowledge questions a lot, you’ll get the answers correct most of the time. AMI isn’t really that bad you just gotta be confident and it won’t even that bad.

“Personally I think it went really good, while there’s always going to be room for improvement no matter what we do, it’s hard to get 180-200 cadets to do the same thing at the same exact time as the others while making it look sharp and clean. Our inspecting officer was very impressed, and that was our overall goal for the event,” Lehto-Chew.

Lehto-Chew believes there is always room to improve the AMI. The cadets did good, the goal we were going for was to impress the inspecting officer. Not all cadets are able to do the same thing at the exact same time, it’s hard to teach 180-200 cadets to do the same thing.

“I’m really proud of all the growth we made comparing last year to this year. Our pass and review parade looked sharp and certainly was a good time for our supporting faculty and staff, parents and our recruiters who came to support us. Our inspection was a major improvement and really showed the overall potential of each individual cadet, I’m really proud of every single cadet on the field,” Lehto-Chew said.

The sophomore is proud of all her fellow cadets. The inspection went better than last year. Most people had a good time watching the parade, everyone came to watch us and be so supportive. Major and Master Sergeant were very proud of every cadet out there. The parade was a good experience for everyone who participated.