With all The Effort Put into the SAT, Colleges Should Look at the Scores

SAT scores should have a major impact on college applications

With all The Effort Put into the SAT, Colleges Should Look at the Scores

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

They need to be aware that their allowing the right people in. If there is someone who has lower scores on tests but good grades that could mean that they do their work but their not learning what they need to know. On the other hand if someone got grades that weren’t so good but did good on the test then that might indicate that they actually learned what they were supposed to. If you don’t check the SAT scores someone that is very intelligent could miss out on a good opportunity.

If you put in the effort and study, you can pass SAT and get a high score. For Michigan State University (MSU) 25th percentile is 1100 and 75 percentile is 1320. Middle Burry college’s 25th percentile SAT score is 1320 and 75 percentile is 1510. For New York University (NYU) 25th percentile SAT score is 1290 and 75 percentile is 1490. Northeastern University is 25th percentile SAT score is 1370 and 75th percentile is 1520.

Students who are focused on learning things and being prepared deserve to get into college. In the article, What Do Colleges look For in Admissions it says “When colleges look at applicants, they are hoping to find student who will succeed in college and beyond. Colleges use your scores to judge your readiness to attend their school.” You need to be good in all areas and keep everything balanced. You cant just get good grades and then not do good when your tested.

If a student is unprepared for a test, it is on them. It is their responsibility to make sure they understand what their learning and remembering stuff. If someone can’t even pass a test on things that they have already been learning for the whole school year then they shouldn’t go to college. Colleges need to make sure they are choosing applicants who are responsible hard workers.