Refuse to Lose: How Having a Good Goalie Brought the Team to Victory


Alyssa Cosenza, Sports Writer

One person stepping in the game has made big improvements

Sarah Cetnor (‘20) is the goalie on the Fivay High Schools varsity soccer team. Cetnor has
been playing soccer since she was a young girl and has stuck with the sport ever since. She
decided to play for the school because she genuinely loves the energy on the field.
“I was put into soccer at a young age and ever since then I have been playing. I prefer to play
center middle because that’s what I’m used to but I volunteered to be goalie because it’s what
we needed and I thought I could learn more from the position. The biggest challenge is slowing
down the game and taking control because you feed the ball for the forwards but we stay
motivated either way,” Cetnor said.
Her teammates Zyta Fonseca (‘20) and Ashley Babiarz (‘20) are both very impressed with
Cetnors hard work and dedication to the new position she took on.
“She’s a hard working goalie even throughout her injuries she came back after healing ready to
get right back to working on her position. She is funny and very supportive which is great energy
for the team,” Fonseca said.
The girls have realized that being goalie is not easy work. All they can do is be there for
eachother to help push and motivate everyone and keep a good attitude on the field. Some of
the more experienced players, like Babiarz, have some advice for the new goalie.
“Keep going. I know Sarah and I are not going to the same college but one thing I will always tell
her is to keep going and continue what you’re doing,” Babiarz said.