How the Tragic Passing of Kobe Bryant is Impacting Students


Donovan O'Neal, Sports Writer

The death of a famous sports player has more impact than you would think.

If you don’t already know Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant had passed away in a tragic helicopter crash Kobe was 41 at the time and Gigi was 13. This was a sad time for the whole nation, it seemed to have a major impact on students like Nasavious Willams (‘20)

“Kobe inspired me as a sport player because of his mental state and I like how he was a game changer and how he was a person off the court it was also sad that him and his daughter passed away he was also the goat of the NBA,” Willams said.
Kobe was born August 23 1978 and passed away January 26 2020. Kobe was an inspiration, not only to his daughter Gigi but other boys and girls around the world. This includes many students, one in particular is Levi Gardener (‘20).

“Kobe inspired me because of his drive and mentality, I really like how Kobe went straight from high school to the NBA and skipped college. I didn’t personally know Kobe or Gigi but it kind of hit me a little hard, it’s just kind of crazy how fast people can leave this earth so quickly. Kobe was still one of the greatest,” Gardner said.
Gigi was a up and coming Basketball player that looked up to her dad as if he was a hero, Kobe and Gigi were very close and did a lot of things with each other. It seemed to inspire many students, like Brian Hair (‘20), to do things off the court.

“Kobe inspired me to do great things on and off the court I liked the way he did things for kids and charities and the way he played the game in a respectful manner it was sad and depressing that they passed away and never knew it was going to happen Kobe was one of the top 3 players in my eyes,” Hair said.