Michael Finn Commits to Baseball


Alyssa Cosenza, Sports writer

How the love of baseball helped Michael Finn get into his dream college.

Michael Finn (‘20) recently committed to Dakota State University to pursue a career in baseball.
Finn has been playing baseball since he was a little boy and now he finally has the opportunity
to take it further than just a hobby. He currently plays on Fivay’s varsity baseball team and has
played for Rockstar BEES as well.

“I got into baseball when I was younger. I was always in little league and I truly just love the
sport so I stuck with it,” Finn said.

Dakota State University wasn’t his only option but it definitely stuck out to him. Finn was
followed by 4 NCAA D3 teams, 2 NJCAA D2 teams and 1 NAIA college programs. Although he
had many options to choose from, he admired Dakota State for its smaller campus and new
baseball program.

“The area is very small, which I like because I didn’t want to go to a big college anyway and I
think they are just starting to rebuild their baseball program with new coaching staff which is
pretty nice,” Finn said.

Finn wants to try and enjoy his last year playing High School Baseball with all of his friends. Hebelieves it’s good to have some fun with sports and not always be so serious. That’s the very
reason he’s continued playing baseball, for a good time.