Acing the Game On the Tennis Court: A Students Success in the Game

Alyssa Cosenza, Sports Writer

How tennis player Sarah Cetnor is bringing the game this season

Sarah Cetnor’s (‘20) tennis career is on the rise as the season started up last Wednesday. The teams first game was on the 12th against Sunlake and the second game was on the 18th against Wesley Chapel. She won the tiebreaker against Sunlake 10-5 and won against Wesley Chapel 6-0 6-0.
“We versed Sunlake and Wesley Chapel and I won Wesley chapel 6-0 6-0 and for Sunlake I won in a tie break 6-3, 10-8, 10-5. I go into every match expecting not to win so when I do win, it’s more rewarding and if I lose it’s less disappointing,” Cetnor said.
Cetnor has been playing tennis for Fivay since her sophomore year and has had plenty of time for improvements. She’s very positive and supportive for her teammates that have been with her since sophomore year and the players that just joined.
“Our first, second, and third seed have been playing since freshman or sophomore year,” Cetnor said. “The fourth, fifth, and sixth seeding for doubles haven’t been playing because it’s only their second year so the more they keep practicing the better they will be.”
Tennis can be very interesting and intense to watch sometimes. Cetnor had a crazy comeback against Sunlake that really highlighted the entire match and led her to a win as well.
“During the Sunlake match, she lobbed it up, I smacked it down and she somehow returned it and lobbed it behind me. I ran onto it and hit it behind my back and got the point. I was hype after that, it was like a scene in a slow motion movie,” Cetnor said.
It’s all about improving your game and supporting your teammates. It all comes down to how you are outside of the competitions.