Best Gordan Ramsay Burns Ranked


Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

He is a great chef but he can be cruel.

Whether you think of chefs or insults, Gordon Ramsay comes to mind. This man is the most witty, sarcastic person and he’s a great cook on top of that. However most insults aren’t family friendly and the ones that are, aren’t easy to find. So I found them for you.

“Hey panini head, are you listening to me?”-
This insult is somehow very complex and also very simple. The “hey panini head” part is quite strange considering that no one has probably called someone a panini head on a regular basis but he makes it effortlessly funny.

“This is a really tough decision… cause you’re both crap.”-
What a great way to tell someone you hate them (or very highly dislike them). This also sounds like a great way to talk to yourself about food which would also link up with Gordon very well. Somehow I feel as though this insult would be very fun to say.

“I’m not leaving until you laugh”-
I’m sure we have all said this to someone at least once. People just need a good chuckle every now and again and that’s what Gordon was conveying with this quote. This one is not very insulting unless it’s in a certain context but it was sweet so we included it.

Almost any of his twitter roasts-
As a member of Gen Z, I use twitter a lot. Gordon’s tweets almost always make me laugh because of how quickly he thinks of them. Some of them include comments about food quality so nothing against the people.