The Stresses of Going Into High School

The Stresses of Going Into High School

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

School is already stressful enough, heres a rundown of how the transfer makes it more stressful

Going into a different school can be difficult for anyone. All the stresses and thoughts of what its like gets to you

“The most common reported sources of stress were school.(83 percent),” stated an article by The Hill. Going into another school with a lot of students who are all older than you is even more scary.

For 8th graders, it could be really stressful switching schools. It can be hard if you don’t know who you’ll be around, or being in an unfamiliar setting it could be confusing to get around. On top of that you never know what teachers are going to expect from you or how you are going to keep your grades up. “On average, teens reported their stress level was 5.8 on a 10-point scale, compared with 5.1 for adults.”

Switching from a middle school to High School can possibly separate a student from their friends. Depending on your address, it determines what school you are zoned for. Since you can’t choose you could end up at school you don’t want to attend.

In this an article by The Huff Post, it says, “A Mcgill university study found that the transition is highly stressful for one in four students.” and “Sierra Nadeau, a high school freshman who participated in the study, told the Globe and mail that she experienced anxiety and panic attacks before starting high school.”

A problem a lot of freshman struggle with at the beginning of the year is finding classes. Also having unfamiliar surroundings can easily make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable. At first you could get lost and marked tardy easily especially since High Schools are much larger than middle schools.

You never know what to expect from High School teachers. The expectations might be higher and harder to achieve. The teachers also could be more strict with doing work than in middle school. There are many obstacles and adjusting that students need to do. Even if it’s hard at the beginning, it will become easier.