Worried About the Middle to High School Transition: Don’t Be!


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Group Of High School Students Giving Piggybacks In Corridor

Devan Lienhart, Opinion Writer

The high school transition is not as bad as you may think…

Most middle schoolers think that the transition into high school will be stressful, when in reality it’s not what it seems… The movies make it seem like it’s a big place where everyone is out to get you.

It has been shown that freshman year of high school is easier than 8th grade is. There is no reason for 8th graders to be stressed out. High School is just like middle school, there really is no difference between middle school and high school. These 8th graders are stressed about going into high school because they always thought that high school is a big place full of scary seniors who will bully you and steal your lunch money. When in reality high school is the complete opposite of that. High School is just like middle but bigger and better

In middle school you are treated like a child who can’t do anything themselves. But in high school you are treated like a mature young adult. In middle school there is a bunch of drama. Unlike in high school there is not that much drama and petty things going on. Middle school is more stressful on a student than high school is. 8th graders shouldn’t be stressed out coming into high school.