A Warm Welcome to Incoming Freshman

Eighth graders got a taste of the high school life

8th graders from Chasco, Hudson and Bayonet Point Middle Schools got a tour of the campus here at Fivay High School on February 18th, 19th and 20th. The incoming freshman got to get a feel of what highschool life is like before becoming an official highschooler. The admin and some of the seniors took the 8th graders on a tour around school for about 2 hours. This also gave them an opportunity to ask any questions they had about the school.

As the end of the year is coming around the corner, we start preparing for next year. Not only are the seniors leaving but 8th graders are coming into a brand new school. New staff, layout of the school, rules, people and many more changes kids aren’t used to.

Starting High School can be a very scary thing for most kids. Everything seems to be more serious and competitive. Sports are a huge factor and the same with all the classes that you choose could easily affect your future.

Giving the 8th graders a chance to get a tour of our school and how it is run. It helps give them an exclusive look on what to expect and prepare themselves for what is to come for them in the next couple of months.

So at the end of the day these tours for incoming freshmen are useful to them because now they know their way around the school so they won’t get lost and it doesn’t create panic or anxiety the first day of school. We can’t wait for the next school year so we can welcome our new incoming freshman.