Harry Style’s Falling Music Video Breakdown and Review

Harry's new music video has fans excited



Harry Styles playing piano underwater in his new music video

Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

Today was a monumental day for all Directioners and Harries alike. The Music video for Falling one of the saddest songs on his album Fine Line which took people by storm on December 13 2019 causing it to be the first #1 album of the decade. This whole album is a tear jerker but this song is one of the most dramatic and sad.

In the beginning of the video, we see Harry on the floor drenched while the water is draining all around him showing us our boy is well by the end of this experience. He is struggling to breath after the experience of being underwater and is sitting in a room of art. Even though he is also art. As it cuts to a clip of him softly playing the melody to this beautiful masterpiece of a song, and then he adds his voice on top of that and it is alluring to say the least.

The actual lyrics are the perfect mixture of everything they could possibly be. As he begins the song you can see the sheer sadness and regret on his face. As the more dramatic lyrics begin, so does the rising of the water. He stares directly into the camera which I will let you decide how you feel about that. The back window opens to spread more light throughout the room as the water reaches his ankles climbing up at an increasing speed. The windows open more revealing the eiffel tower.

As the water reaches his head he sings some of the saddest most relatable words in the album. “And I get the feelin’ that you’ll never need me again” And then as he sings again he is completely encased by the water. Not attempting to escape. He sings underwater letting all the water go to his lungs while everything floats to the surface all around him. The imagery as he’s under water is stunning and will forever incase my daydreaming mind.

In the end, Harry is actually a fish confirmed.

Fun Facts-
-The flooring in the video seems to be modeled after the Beachwood Cafe which is mentioned in the song.
-#FallingMusicvideo is trending on twitter merely a hour after the video was released
Fineline ended and started this year #1
-Harry was on x factor in 2010 as a solo artist but then was paired with the other member of 1D to become a band for the finals. They finished 3rd place.
-He is art.