Criminal Justice Students gets Practice on the Field

Criminal justice recently completed an obstacle course to test their abilities


Skylar Hunsberger

Criminal justice students prepare for the course

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

When arriving at school you may have noticed a white car and some obstacle pieces in the front field of the school. That was not just random objects put there. Those items were there for the Criminal Justice program. They set the objects up to create an obstacle course; just like they have to complete to become a sheriff’s officer at the police academy.

Dori Fonseca (‘20) is a student in the Criminal Justice program and completed the obstacle course on Friday.

“I was really nervous about running the obstacle course because it may look easy, but it really isn’t you are constantly jumping over hurdles to being on the ground crawling then dragging a heavy weighted punching bag.” Fonseca said.

When completing this task the students have a recorded time. If they were in the police academy they would have to complete the course by a certain time. Since they are only high school students the time did not count but was recorded to see if they could get better at it just incase they do decide to go into the Academy.

“The time being recorded didn’t worry as much because I knew it didn’t go against me but it did make me wanna go alot faster so I could get a good time. The time started as soon as we unbuckled the seat belt and started to get out of the car. It ended when we got back into the car with the seatbelt on and had our hands on the wheel at 10 and 2.” Fonseca said.