Among Us, but it’s the imposter POV

Angelee Sligay, Creative Writer

I knew it from the second we entered the space station. I don’t know if the air was too moist, the lights were the wrong wattage, but something felt off. I followed what everyone else was doing and went into my dormitory. We started our tasks tomorrow. My room was at the very end of the hall, with a door the same as my suit color.

I pushed open the neon red door and stepped inside. The room wasn’t very big, a twin size bed in the upper right corner, a small hot plate on a slightly larger kitchen counter. And then I saw it. It was this blob-like thing sitting on the comforter of the bed.

It pounced on me and all of a sudden, I could feel everything. I could feel cells dividing all throughout my body, I could feel blood rushing through my veins, I could feel the weight of each eyelash. Then, there was nothing. Nothing but darkness, nothing but the sound of a heartbeat.

The sound of the alarm scared me awake. The nightmare I had that night was crazy, I mean I actually thought there was a blob on my bed. One thing for sure, I have work to do. When the work is done, then I can spend the rest of the time in my dorm.

I grabbed my tablet, hologram thing and went on my merry way. My first task was checking into admin. I turned the corner and entered the damp, computer filled room. “Hey Red!” an excited Cyan waved me over. “Are you excited for our first day? I know I am!” Her brown eyes shined even through the glass, and suddenly I could only see black. When light entered my vision about 8 seconds later, blood pooled at my feet, and this sharp, tongue like intestine went back into my torso.

I rushed over to the cafeteria, and smacked the emergency button. Everyone came rushing in, Lime, Yellow, Black, everyone but Cyan. Poor Cyan. “What’s wrong Red?” Brown’s deep voice cut off the silence. I paused, memories of our training flushed back into my head. “If someone goes against protocol, they will be sent out with nothing but their suits.”

“I found Cyan dead in Admin.” I said quietly while looking at the ground. I could hear gasps come from everyone. “Who do you think did it?” Black’s son asked me. The words of our trainer went through my mind again. “I saw Dark Blue leaving Admin when I first walked in.” Blue’s eyes widened in shock. “I was in electrical! I swear!” Black shook her head. “I believe Red over Blue right now.” Everyone mumbled an agreement, besides Blue. “He’s lying! I bet Red is the killer!” Blue gasped out. “Why would he kill Cyan? For asteroids sake they’ve been best friends since they were five.” Lime’s puberty voice squeaked out.

I looked out the window when I finished my tasks. Blue’s body was floating not too far, ice forming on the glass. I felt something rip through my torso, yet again. I guess it wants some more food.