Summertime Blues

Summer is a time for fun, where no one worries about school and everyone can travel to places they've always wanted to go to. Some of the students at Fivay traveled to new countries and some didn't even leave their house. Now with summer coming to an end they're all reminicing on those good times they had. I guess you could say they have the "summertime blues."

The brick buildings that line the cobblestone streets of Boston, with their colonial rustic charm, give a constant reminder of the historical significance the city played in the making of the United States. For the summer of 2018, Boston, Massachusetts would become Melody Maurano’s (‘20) most memorable vacation destination.

     In early July, Maurano and her family began their two week family vacation by driving from Florida to Massachusetts. Being in Boston, Massachusetts is quite different than being in Hudson, Florida.

“It is completely different because Boston is all city with close neighborhoods, while everything in Florida is spread out and country. In Boston, they have skyscrapers and the beaches are completely different,” Maurano says. “The air in Boston is much cooler and not one drop of rain fell from the sky, compared to Florida’s scorching sunny days accompanied by frequent thunderstorms.

     During her stay, Maurano visited some of Boston’s most popular tourist attractions including The Boston’s Revolutionary Museum, Boston’s Original, World’s Famous Boston Duck Tours, and she even went to the Witch Dungeon Museum located in Salem, Massachusetts.

“Salem was my favorite. It is a city where they used to burn the “witches”. They still have the old historic landmarks there like the churches and the courthouses.” Maurano says with a grin, “The Witch Dungeon Museum in Salem has live shows, re-enactments of trials, a guided tour of the Dungeon, and has many other mysterious features.”

      Being in Boston has allowed Maurano to experience a feeling like never before, a feeling she cannot get here in the Sunshine State.

“It has allowed me to be closer with my family since I have not seen them in years.” Maurano says, “I also got to see the more historical side of the city.”

Boston has given Maurano the opportunity to not only learn about its historical significance, but it also allows her to be close with her family. “I want to go back to Salem during Halloween because I heard it is awesome!” Maurano laughs.