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Lighting up the Night

The first week of the year started with a school dance that many hope will set a positive tone for the upcoming school year. The dance had it's good moments and areas that could've been improved.

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    Friday night, a time to forget the week and enjoy life. Doing so could include going out, and in Fivay high school’s case, hosting a black light dance. But did it really live up to the hype that three months of advertisement brought?

The idea was original; having a black light celebration has never been done in Fivay’s history. The majority of the attendees actually enjoyed the dance and were jamming out all night, even though the first five minutes of admission proved bland and uneventful.

“I loved the music,” Brianna Terry (20’) says smiling, “the selection was good, but the dancing was my favorite part.”

The DJ played upbeat music that made everyone jump around on the dance floor.

“Not terrible, but also not great. Needs more our generation music,” Destiny Gallagher (20’) suggests.

Some who attended had more mixed reviews, but still managed to make it through the night.

“It’s cool, I guess. The party music is the best of it,” Jasmine Stokes (22’) laughs.

In actuality, no one really payed much mind to the lighting environment, which after all was the only theme to the dance.

            On the other hand, there really wasn’t much to the dance other than cool lighting. There wasn’t much to do other then dance for two hours, which, felt like a middle school dance.

Though the music was upbeat, it was mostly music that was overplayed and better left in the past; not to mention remixes that absolutely ruined already butchered songs. There was a “quiet place” to go, but the music was still killing anyone’s eardrums whenever the door so much as creaked open.

It was too bland. It needed more décor or activities to be more interesting and keep everyone entertained.

Honestly, It really wasn’t the most fun dance, but it wasn’t the worst either. It was slightly better then any of my middle school dances. It’s good if you saved your 10 dollars, you can put it towards a better experience at homecoming instead.

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Lighting up the Night