Game Changer

Daryl Johnson Photography

The roar of the crowd, the cheers from the athletes, the booming sound of an announcer echos, “Touchdown for Fivay, number four Jayvon Wilson” throughout a packed stadium. The star running back at Fivay scores again.

Jayvon Wilson (‘19) came to Fivay from Ridgewood his senior year, following the transition of Ridgewood High school to Wendell Krinn Technical school. Wilson has endured the combination of Fivay and Ridgewood alongside his team.

“The transition to Fivay felt terrible at first.” Wilson explains, “In the beginning I was worried the teams wouldn’t merge well, but the Fivay students have been very welcoming. They brought me in as one of their own and I feel right at home here.”

Wilson spoke candidly about how he feels about this transition.

“No matter how welcoming Fivay has been, the beginning was a little rough. Practice felt long and divided because of our different backgrounds.” Wilson explains, “It was different seeing how the coaches treated the Fivay students, and how they practiced. I believe seeing this brought us closer together.”

Focusing more on the future, Wilson has high hopes for himself this season.

“This is a great thing to happen to these two teams. Working with the coaches and other athletes has helped me become a better leader, and an overall better person.” Wilson explains.

Coach Durchik, Fivay’s head football coach, speaks very highly of Wilson. Coach Durchik explains, “Jayvon came in and immediately took a leadership role. Jayvon is already second in command in our ROTC program, and quickly gained the trust of his teammates.”

Coach Durchik continues to explain the impact Wilson has had on the team, “From a coach’s perspective he’s a fantastic athlete. He’s one of the best running backs I’ve ever coached, and he’s merged with the team very well.” Coach Durchik says with a smile, “It’s the little things that he exceeds in.”

While it’s still early in the season, it may be safe to say that everyone has high expectations for Wilson. Wilson is seen as an athlete by some, but a leader by many more.