Jordan Bolds

Serenity, Editor

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With a lot of the seniors on the newspaper staff leaving last year, The Talon had to find more writers. It needed people that would go out of their way to get a story, could put any thought into that story and make it sound good, and just great writers in general. Jordan Bolds is one of those writers.

  Bolds joined newspaper this year in hopes to get better at writing. “I’ve always liked writing since I was younger.” She stated with a smile, “I limited myself to only a few styles like informational and historical. I needed to explore a few different styles.” She really hopes she can get her words out through the newspaper.

  Writing isn’t her only passion, she also really enjoys band. Bolds takes pleasure in playing percussion and the flute. “My friend played flute and it seemed really interesting,” Bolds says, “So in 6th grade when I finally had the chance I joined band. My favorite part was that it’s like learning a new language.” Bolds is really glad she joined band.

  Going into these things not knowing what to do definitely seems scary, but the experience has given her, her life motto “Always work harder than usual”.