Skylar Bohm

Tyler Borges, Managing Editor

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Interested in discovering new species in caves, Skylar Bohm (‘20) lives and prospers as a paranormal and historical enthusiast: “but not like a boring one” explained Bohm. Born in florida and living in the depths of New Port Richey, she has moved to Jacksonville and back, and has wanted to go abroad after traveling to many states.

“I’d rather live in England, you don’t see as much danger there,” Bohm said cheerfully. The want for change gave her the motivation of searching, whether it’s in the ground, caves, or in herself.

For The Talon Newspaper, Bohm finds herself doing reviews of movies, tv shows, and any timely event the paper wants her to respond to; her opinions are A+, “I’m either very very negative or very very positive,” there is no black and white: bohm is full of color. Bohm discovered that she enjoys writing and drawing, and has made some very spontaneous pieces: last year she drew the newspaper’s cartoons.

Bohm is not social, but also not introverted; art is her medium for expression. She hopes to be an artist and have money in the near future, chowing down on ramen and writing her manifesto on a new species of dinosaur bones, all while in in her cozy and dark college dorm.