Belle Marrazzo

Cody Sterbens, News Reporter

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Everyone remembers their first day of high school; the nervousness and excitement of the day consuming them, not knowing what to expect just trying to survive their first day. For Belle Marrazzo (‘22) getting used to her classes was made even more difficult when she saw newspaper on her schedule, a course she did not sign up for.

“I actually did not turn in my course card.” Marrazzo admitted with a smile. This would turn into a happy accident, as she has shown to be a talented writer. Being in newspaper has definitely helped Marrazzo to step out of her comfort zone.

“I am an introvert and sometimes I get bad anxiety in some social situations.” Marrazzo states, “I am so happy I ended up being put into this class. It allows me to work with fellow classmates to create something that can inform and entertain students.”

Marrazzo always comes into class everyday with a positive attitude and already shows lots of potential in just her very first issue. This happy mistake of her being placed into this course has not only been great for her, but the newspaper as a whole as well.