Do Parents put School Above Mental Health?

Rachel Kanaris, Opinion Writer

November 18, 2019

So are parents just pushing you to do good, or are they truly pushing away your mental health?

Do the Website Restrictions Take Away too Much?

Kailyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

November 6, 2019

If we want to block websites, why not block Instagram or Facebook? I’m definitely not saying we should block those, because Instagram is my main app, but if you think about it, these social media apps do more harm than these kid websites.

ACT Offering Single Section Retakes

Zoe Coats, Opinion Writer, Opinion Editor

November 1, 2019

Single session retakes will also be much less expensive than breaking the ACT in its entirety, hopefully making the test more accessible for retakes for even more students.

The Benefits of Getting the Day After Halloween Off.

Brianna Terry, Opinion Writer

October 9, 2019

Halloween is a night of fun but also involves staying out later than usual. Students should be given the opportunity to have the next day off. Since 2016, according to the Gregorian calendar, Halloween has fallen on a weekday. Hallow...

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